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  1. Jan 17

    Bring the Interior Beauty of Downton Abbey to Your Home Through Object Lust

    Add some beautiful Downton Abbey-inspired design to your home with the help of Object Lust.


    The highly-anticipated third season of the hit British drama Downton Abbey premiered on September 16th in the UK and more recently aired in the United States on January 6th as part of the Masterpiece Classic series on PBS. Fans were happy to note that it returned with an episode just as compelling as ever.

  2. Oct 26

    Jiun Ho Inc.’s Latest Showroom: An International Experience

    This week, Object Lust is taking a look at one of our fine furniture sources, Jiun Ho Inc. It’s a luxury lifestyle and design studio designed over a decade ago by interior product designer Jiun Ho. The company is a realization and extension of Jiun’s travels across 96 countries and uniquely sophisticated sense of style and aesthetics.

    In fact, Jiun’s love of travel, fine dining and creating new experiences led him to create a new showroom in San Francisco, which was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle just a few weeks ago. The showroom, which he prefers to refer to as a lifestyle exploration gallery, includes art, objects and antiques from all over the world, combined with Jiun’s own furniture pieces and even a fully-stocked kitchen! Indeed, Jiun Ho often invites chefs in the San Francisco area to come into his gallery and create foods and offer wine that can be paired with the viewing experience. Truly, this gallery, named “Jiun Ho de Jia” (“Welcome to the house of Jiun Ho”) is an invitation to excite all of your senses at once!

  3. Sep 06

    Modern Family Decor

    At Object Lust, we never could turn a blind eye to creative interior design. When we see fabulous furniture being used in chic and creative ways, we have to take a closer look.  That’s just one reason why we like ABC’s hit show Modern Family (the other reason is it’s just a hilarious show!)

    Modern Family, the unconventional “mockumentary” about three unconventional families, is a ratings dynamo and a critical hit. It won multiple Emmy’s, including one for Outstanding Comedy Series and three for outstanding supporting cast members. It’s a quirky and clever show with an excellent cast. It would normally be difficult to balance three completely different casts of characters in only twenty-two minutes — luckily, the show showcases some excellent set design that really helps audiences keep everything straight (even when the homeowners don’t!)

  4. Aug 04

    Jean de Merry: Pulling from the Past to Push Design Forward

    This week, Object Lust is giving a nod to one of our case goods suppliers, Jean De Merry. The company was recently featured on Go Design Go in celebration of a special event at their showroom.

    Jean de Merry comes from surprising beginnings. A renowned Parisian author initially, Jean visited his family in their village in the south of France with plans to write about them and their work. Jean’s family had operated a leather tannery for centuries. Though he was really only interested in learning enough about them to write a good piece, discovering more about his heritage and seeing their hard work over the years led to a bit of an epiphany for de Merry. He quit his writing career and took up the family trade, becoming a furniture creator alongside his partner Christian Maroselli. Together, they strive to create furniture that matches time-honored influences with a romantic approach to the craft.

  5. Jul 03

    Sunbrella Fabrics for Summertime

    This week, Object Lust is going to take a look at one of our great fabric sources: Sunbrella, an outdoor fabric retailer that was recently featured on the New Jersey News website. The article discussed Sunbrella as a source used by Decorating Dens Interiors, a decorating firm based in Chatham.

    Sunbrella comes from humbler beginnings in a decidedly different market. In its early days, Sunbrella sold industrial-grade awning fabric, in only six colors. The NJ article states, “Originally designed and used in awnings, and then boating, Sunbrella fabrics have been in existence since 1961. And as today’s homeowner’s began creating additional living spaces outdoors Sunbrella fabrics began taking on a whole new look. Featuring many fabulous designs, colors, and patterns, it is easy to find a fabric that will fit the new décor beautifully.”

  6. Jun 12

    J. Robert Scott – Decades of Quality Furnishings

    J. Robert Scott is one of Object Lust’s sources for case goods and textiles, and they have been in the business for quite some time now. This year, J. Robert Scott celebrates its 40th anniversary, so we decided to give them some much-deserved spotlight in the blog this week.

    According to the website, J. Robert Scott was founded in 1972 in Los Angeles by one Sally Sirkin Lewis, a Hall of Fame designer. Sally Lewis wished to provide clients and customers with aesthetically pleasing contemporary furniture with a high standard of quality. Frustrated with the lack of pieces that fit her desires, she gathered together gifted craftsmen to build her designs. Thus, J. Robert Scott was born, the business gaining its name from Sally’s children. Now, in 2012, Sally is president of the establishment, which owns showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago and London, and is represented in 14 countries.

  7. May 30

    Hickory Chairs and Hable Construction in Elle Decor Magazine

    Today, we at Object Lust shine some light on two of our to-the-trade sources.  We think you’ll enjoy what they have to offer and might even see something you could use in your own designs. The companies we’re talking about are The Hickory Chair Furniture Company and Hable Construction. They’re both unique in terms of their quality, design ideas and also because they work well together. Literally.

  8. May 18

    Boardwalk Empire: Design Inspiration from the 1920’s

    Keeping with our hit TV show set design theme, we focus now on HBO’s hit series Boardwalk Empire. Now between its second and third seasons, the show has taken the world (and the 2011 Golden Globes ) by storm. It has been lauded for strong acting performances, meticulous attention to interior design, historical detail, stellar writing and shocking violence. With ratings titans like Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and, to a lesser extent, Game of Thrones all airing and sweeping award shows, it really does seem like the 21st century will be remembered as the boom of period dramas.

  9. May 08

    The Production Design of Mad Men

    The AMC channel’s runaway hit series Mad Men, now airing its fifth season, has been winning ratings and awards since the pilot episode, in nearly every possible category. And set design is no exception. Production designer Dan Bishop and set decorator Claudette Didul take great pains to create a setting as close to 60’s reality as possible. The result: A booming interest in 60’s-inspired fashion and home interior design, as well as countless award nominations for hairstyling, production design and costume work (including some big wins!)

  10. Apr 30

    Minton-Spidell in DIFFA Display

    Object Lust keeps an eye out for unique and attractive pieces of furniture, art and accessories that designers procure on behalf of their clients, or that consumers desire for their homes. One of our favorite furniture designers is Minton-Spidell – well known for their hand-rubbed finishes. We recently came across a lovely installation by interior designer Michael-Cleary for DIFFA, which debuted in November of 2011.